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Keene 443.800

SWNH    How it "Used" to be

Phoenix-SX Remote Control Mods

History of 443.800 Keene UHF

End of an Era - SWNH shutdown DB212 Folded Dipole to 6m

Keene 53.73

Repeater PowerPoint Micor Compa-Station Mods

Cannon Mtn 449.875

Automatic Radio 8-Track Players Johnson Challenger Series Mods

Cannon Mtn Repeater Site

KSC Parking Excuses Scom Controller Resources
Saddleback Mtn  449.450 KSC Switchboard Kenwood TS590SG USB Audio Setup
Saddleback Mtn Repeater Site Surry Floods 2003 CDM Out of Band Mods
Temple Mtn 447.425 Surry Floods 2005 Alinco DR-735 Out of Band Mods
Mt Kearsarge 447.675    
Mt Kearsarge Winter Wonderland GMRS WQKQ332 Keene  
Keene State 449.875    
Repeater Etiquette Rantings   ScrapBook Links
WEKW Tower Replacement Fire on Mt Washington PD Audio Clips
Keene DMR 444.650    
Crotched Mtn DMR 446.975   352 Final Sign Off
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