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Summit of Cannon Mountain

449.875Mhz  123.0Hz PL

Franconia Notch

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Approaching Cannon Mtn From I93 in Franconia

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Ariel Tramway Base Lodge

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Tram Car at Base Lodge

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View from Repeater Site Looking DOWN at Summit Station

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Looking North towards Littleton

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Looking South Franconia Notch

875rck1.jpg (13350 bytes)

Repeater Equipment Rack

875rck2.jpg (14862 bytes)

Repeater Equipment Rack

875rck3.jpg (14995 bytes)

Repeater Equipment Rack

newdb404.jpg (10390 bytes)

WA1ZYX Installing New DB404

875ant1.jpg (16187 bytes)

Repeaters DB404 antenna on tower

875ant2.jpg (13725 bytes)

DB404 Repeater Antenna

These are just a few photos of the Cannon Mtn UHF Repeater Site on the Summit of Cannon Mountain in Franconia Notch.

Some of the photos are a little grainy - sorry - but as you can see, this is an outstanding site!! Coverage ranges from Manchester NH on a portable to Montreal PQ. Naturally, it isn't 100% coverage, and you need to be in the "Hot Spots" but none the less, it's still pretty incredible!





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