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7K Controller

Scom Repeater Controller sample Macro programming resource page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have some programming information that you would like to share, please format your information with:
A Title, for example, "Courtesy Tones"
An explanation of what it does
The Controller Model this pertains to, or all of them if appropriate
The commands themselves with your passwords removed, but please insert PW where the passwords would go.
An E-Mail address for yourself so questions about this information can go directly to who supplied it
A URL for your home page if you wish

E-Mail your Programming Info to: WA1ZYX and I'll try and post it as soon as I can.

These Resource pages are not affiliated with Scom in any way. They are composed from information from Scom repeater controller users. Any and all information on these pages are used at your own risk. The page author assumes no responsibility. The WebMaster reserves the right to use, or not, any and all information provided.

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