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Downtown Keene, NH

449.875 - 123.0 PL

The Keene State UHF Repeater went on the air in May of 2014. It is located on the Campus of Keene State College, in downtown Keene, New Hampshire. This repeater is the old repeater that used to live on the summit of Cannon Mtn for almost 18 years, so it's far from being brand new or even remotely close to "state of the art".

The primary purpose really was simply to get this equipment back on the air someplace and get it out of my storage room. It's a very local coverage repeater, but obviously, covers downtown and a little into the surrounding towns just fine. It can be linked to the real UHF Keene Machine if needed. But at the very least, will provide an alternative frequency during major events for local communications.

The repeater itself is just running the bare bones radio. No outboard amps, no preamps, nothing... 10 watts up the pipe through 75 feet of half inch heliax to the top of the old WKNH broadcast tower. The controller is an S-Com 5K. Hope you all know your CW, or you'll never know what it's ID'ing as.... Also, the repeater isn't even coordinated at this time (July of '14) because it's so local it won't bother a sole around here! Neither will any users of it!

Sure hope this antenna fits in the elevator!

Yup, Barely.


View from the top.

View from the top.

View from the top.

Folded dipole top mounted.

Folded dipole top mounted.






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