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This Page contains info on most site changes and updates beginning with the most recent items at the top of the list.

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03/17/06    Added Foxhunt rules & regs page.

09/26/05    Updated Calendar and included rules URL's for each contest.

08/01/05    Added For Sale Page, and updated main index page.

02/27/05    Added VE Session info page, Updated calendar, re-wrote intro page, dumped the forum portion a couple weeks ago due to lack of use and a hack.

09/19/04    Updated most of the site.  Updated 53.73 page, updated Calendar.  Added small audio clip to main pages transitions.

08/30/03    Added SWNH page

07/09/03    Added first Audio to Nav Bar

05/05/03    Added Forum(s)

05/03/03    Began working on Forum/BBS.  Located at:

04/22/03    Added "New" 805 page w/link to former page, now called 805history.

03/17/03    Complete Web Backup onto CD.

03/05/03    Added Guest Book

02/10/03    Added MT Washington Fire page in the Scrapbook.

02/02/03    Major overhaul of Event Calendar

12/18/02    Added Dec 02 Aerial, Updated WK1P Sweeps and created Markem Repeater page.

11/11/02        Edited Scrapbook and repeater info pages.

07/14/2002    Added new members and rewrote members page, added kc5wxc forest fire and mpeg of 2001 SS contest to Scrapbook.

05/19/2002    Added Apr 02 Aerial, updated members page.

05/05/2002    Added latest CCDX Meeting pics and Hoss02 Pages

04/05/2002    Moved site - again - to another Hosting company.

01/28/2002    Moved site to new domain

08/30/2001    Major update of Calendar of Events Page.

07/14/2001    Finally completed the FD 01 page.

07/08/2001    Created Bike Race traffic page, updated FD01 (still more to do on that, had to resize a bunch of photos to make them manageable) and finished feast 10 pages.

07/01/2001    Added info to TQY repeater page, and index page about contributions.

06/26/2001    Added June 2001 Aerial and Field Day 2001 Pages.

06/12/2001    Completed VHF2001 contest page.  Updated a few others.

06/04/2001    Added preliminary VHF contest page in scrapbook.

05/26/2001    Added beginning page of the 805 move.  A few minor site changes.

03/11/2001    Moved entire site from Angelfire over to F2S servers for testing.

02/25/2001    Added New Members, (Added Hosstraders Maps to LINKS page last week)  Created Tower brush cutting page (Scrapbook) and Ham Feast page (Scrapbook).  Added info about pending repeater move on 805 page.

02/11/2001    Added Custom Icon when bookmarked.

01/15/2001    Updated w1eek profile and edited index page.

12/15/2000    Added navigation links to bottom of navbar webbot.

10/24/2000    Created By-Laws page, not public yet.

10/14/2000    Updated Calendar, added NH SET info.

10/10/2000    Updated Calendar, added June 2000 Aerial

10/5/2000    Added items to Calendar of Events Page.

10/01/2000    Updated member status.

09/29/2000    Finally got FrontPage straightened out so that I can edit the site again.  Had to disable and then re-enable FP Extensions.  Also, lost the background on most of the site.

03/05/2000    Created Field Day 2000 page listed on Scrapbook.  Updated Calendar page.  More info on 805.  Finally able to edit stuff again due to server problems.

07/12/2000    Updated Members Page, Added more info about 805, Created ZedYX 6 meter repeater page.

05/06/2000   Added info about .805

04/08/2000    Added HF Webradio link and DB Products Antenna Calculator links

04/04/2000    Finished Feb and Added Mar Aerial

03/19/2000    Changed a couple E-Mail addresses and added new member.

02/19/2000    Updated Jan Aerial, Began Feb Aerial.  Created CCDX Contest link from LINKS page.  Updated members page.

02/13/2000    Major Change to Pages...Completely moved site to the Angelfire servers.

01/31/2000    Added some cool Cursors.   Check 'em out...

01/30/2000    Wrote short profile for wa1zyx.

01/29/2000    Finally figured out the "mouse-over" stuff.  Needed to insert a component as opposed to

                    trying to use DHTML as I had been.   

01/22/2000    Updated WK1P Members links, started Jan 2000 Aerial Page.

01/18/2000    Worked on Links page.

01/15/2000    Updated Members Page.  Created Profile

01/06/2000    Created APRS Scrapbook page.  Also added some other Scrapbook stuff.

Worked on the Mouse-Over stuff again.

01/02/2000     Created a Form to try and see if this will work.

12/31/99     Edit photos and home page stuff on Members page.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

12/28/99     Added some META stuff to index page.

12/19/99     Tried some Mouse Over stuff -- Didn't work.  Font Colors Change and inserted Hit Counter on Main Page.  Digits will expand as hits accumulate.

12/18/99     Created K1ZO Tower Page (Scrapbook), did some photo manipulation of other.

12/17/99      Scrapbook, members pages changes.

12/16/99    Began Scrapbook rebuilding.  Ariel Archives and more profiles.

12/13/99    Updated Members Page.  Switched E-Mail list to Home Pages and

incorporated E-Mail tags with Call signs.

12/11/99    Began Scrap Book Page.

12/08/99    Updated Calendar page

12/07/99    Updated Info Page again & Members Page.  Also began Profiles.

12/04/99    Started Info Page.

11/30/99    Site Re-Build started.

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