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Cheshire County DX ARC

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    The Cheshire County DX Amateur Radio Club is much more than what the name implies.  In fact, the CCDX name is really only a "play on words" of the   ARRL's DXCC award.

    We do it all!  Some of us teach Ham Classes.  Some of us provide ARES/RACES training, NTS Traffic handling, Emergency preparedness and Emergency Drills.  Some of us are involved with APRS.  Some own Repeaters.  Some own Packet Nodes.  Some build kits.  Some operate VHF SSB.  Some operate HF SSB.  Others operate CW.  How about RTTY?  Some of us Contest, both Nationally AND Globally!!  Some like to Fox Hunt.  Some like Field Day.  Others like to just plain rag chew!!

    What do you like to do?  Oh, did we mention ATV?  If there's a mode of operation out there, we can almost guarantee, that somebody in the club has "been there" and "done that"!

    The members of the club are a very diverse group.  Expertise ranges from Elementary School students, to Electromagnet Engineers, to politicians, to Law Enforcement.  Business Owners, retired Military, reserve Military, CAP members.  Truck drivers to Pilots.  Fire Chiefs, EMT's, Police Officers, Dispatchers.  Commercial Radio Repair to Broadcast Engineers.

Got a question about something?  Just ask!

    For more info about the CCDX ARC, Please contact the president, Larry Levesque, at his E-Mail address.

    Club By-Laws.

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