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Index of CCDX happenings

     This page will be always changing.  Please be sure to check back often!!  As the club does more "stuff", we'll be updating with more and more pages and photos.

     To help with loading, as some of these pages have potential to be graphic intensive, as opposed to graphically challenged -- we'll have some kind of list to choose from and you may view pages individually.  We make no guarantee as to whether or not they will be listed alphabetically or chronologically.  Whatever.....         Enjoy!

Sweepstakes at WK1P's 6m WA1ZYX/R Tower Work Bike Race Downtown Keene, NH
Dec 99 CCDX Meeting 147.030 Keene Repeater CCDX Meeting Apr 02
K1ZO Tower Raising Hyland Brush Detail Nov 2000 CCDX at Hosstraders May 02
CCDX APRS System HamFeast #9 Feb 2001 '01 Sweepstakes MPG
KB1DVT Tower Raising June 2001 VHF Contest

KC5WXC Fires in Az 2002

Relocating 146.805 Part 1 HamFeast #10 June 2001 Hinsdale Tower Donation
Relocating .805  Part 2 SWNH    How it "Used" to be K2XD Moving Day
Surry NH Flood 2003 Fire on Mt Washington New WEKW Tower - Keene UHF site
Surry NH Flood 2005  Ice Storm 2008 CCDX at Hosstraders May 04
Field Day June 2000  N1NCI/R  Schofield Mtn 146.865 CCDX at Hosstraders May 05
Field Day June 2001   CCDX at Hosstraders Oct 06
Field Day June 2004   Trip up Hyland Jan 07
 Field Day June 2005   CCDX at Deerfield May 07
 Field Day June 2008    
Various Events - Pics only    


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