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Cheshire County DX ARC


146.805 The VHF Keene Machine

100.0Hz = Hyland Hill 146.865  100.0Hz 123.0Hz = Crotched Mtn 
 Keene Area  Winchester / Hinsdale  Jaffrey / Peterborough


Motorola MSR2000 on top of Ancillary Equipment rack which contains the Scom 7K, component interfacing shelf, satellite 2m receiver link radio, back-up repeater and UHF remote base, with power supply on the bottom.  The Phelps Dodge duplexers are seen on top of the GE cabinet to the right of the MSR.

The MSR is a 110 watt continuous duty station converted into a repeater.  The external fan is mounted over the PA and is PTT controlled.  It probably isn't really needed as the radio has been turned down to 70 watts there-about, but better safe than sorry.  All of "Henry and Juliet's" voices are generated by the 7K controller.  Also, in the event of a failure of the MSR, there is a back-up repeater already mounted in the rack.  All that we need to do, is unplug the controller from the MSR, and plug it into the backup repeater.

The backup repeater consists of two Motorola GM300's and runs about 25 watts.  The UHF remote base for linking to other repeaters is a Motorola CDM1250.

To read a little history about the repeater, it's call sign origins and pictures of it's predecessor including info about the lightning strikes that killed it, Please visit the 805 History page!


As most of you all know, the repeater is funded by it's users.  The CCDX ARC holds the license, but the users do most of the financial supporting.  So in an effort to keep "Henry" on the air, please contribute to the Repeater Fund by sending off a check to:

Dale R Paquin  N1NCI

111 North St

Keene, NH  03431

Please make the checks out to "Dale Paquin" and put a note on the memo line designating it as a donation to the K1TQY Repeater.  All donations are just that - voluntary, and they may be any amount.  No amount is too small.  However, please keep in mind, that without your support - let's just put it this way......  No money = No repeater!!

Stay tuned for updates.......  Questions should go to:  WA1ZYX

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Saturday, December 22, 2007