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I hope everybody's holidays were joyful and St. Nick was good to you all.  I monitored a radio transmission from Santa to the area residents on K1TQY one evening, and while I got pulled away from the radio I hope you all got your requests in. At least Santa gave me a new chair to sit in front of the radios at my desk.

In 2001, we have a few challenges placed before us. The first one is to find a new EC for Cheshire county as Bruce (WA1YZN) informs me it is time for him to turn over the reigns to someone else. We all would like to thank Bruce very much for his years of service as the Emergency Coordinator for Cheshire county and know he will help out grooming the new EC for their role in this part of the state. Other challenges for us this year will be the rebuild and relocation of "Henry". The repeater is in need of some cleanup and will be brought down in the spring to do this. While the K1TQY repeater getting a face lift, plans for a temporary replacement is in the works. For those who are not members of the CCDX Reflector, the K1TQY space rental on Hyland Hill has doubled starting with the first payment of the new year. Efforts by members to lower the rental fee at the current site have thus far been unsuccessful. As we all know the K1TQY repeater covers a very large area , and thus if moved from Hyland Hill will have an impact on some of the users. Well that will do for this installment and more information and challenges will be at the club meeting with follow ups in the next newsletter. 



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