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     The following members were at the meeting. Dale N1NCI, Joel WA1ZYX, Arnie N1BAC, Bernie KB1FVO, Karyn KB1FVP, David KB1CYG, Patrick N1MCJ, Jack N1NGF, Doc KV1S, Bruce KA1TWX, Wayne C KB1CYM, Ken N1WGU, Dan KB1EKA, Dave K1ZS, Derek W1WWW, Dean W1VK and Pete N1YSW. Rules for field day were discussed and the number of radios will be decided at the start of field day. The group went over what we would need in the way of antennas, generators and hardware for the rigging and installation of the antennas. The Red Cross radios will be available in addition to the club equipment. The computers for logging are being planned for and for the APRS and packet. If things go well there will also be a solar powered source on loan from KPD and that will help on points. Arrangements are made for invitations to city officials and for the Red Cross administrative staff. Arrangements are underway for press releases to the public via radio, newspaper and cable. The balance of the meeting was spent in setting up the new HF radio and the emergency radio system for those who haven't had a chance to use it. The group was divided into two equal parts. Next months meeting will be about field day and what needs to be done. Plans were made for the upcoming Hosstraders at the Hopkinton Fair Grounds.




     The SKYWARN training had fifty one people present with twenty six of them being amateur radio operators. The team from the NWS office in Taunton, MA were pleased with the number that came to the presentation. Outside of a few glitches with the computer presentation the class went very well. This was a new presentation using a CD/ROM for the first time and they realize they have a couple of glitches to correct. Prior to the class the SEC Tom N1SKZ ran a drill to see how many hams were available on a call up in case of an emergency. The Red Cross radios were on the air and while there was a problem on HF we were able to make contact with Concord. A temporary HF vertical antenna was setup but a better and more permanent installation is needed. Contact was made by both HF to Concord and VHF through Butch. A total of twenty six hams checked in and it coincided with the weather training so we received drills two for the price of one. These communication drills are going to be conducted in the future on a quarterly basis.


   There were quite a few members of the club that went up to Hosstraders with some going up on Friday and the balance on Saturday. Skip K2XD, Buzz WA1NHP, Arnie N1BAC, Dale P N1NCI, Joel WA1YZX, Dan KB1EAK, Bruce G KA1TWX, Bruce B WA1YZN, Jack N1NGF, Jeff KB1ELD, Wayne KC5WXC, Buck KB1CYK, Mark N1KWM, Mike N1MXJ, Dale S KB1XU, Becky KB1DXX, Joe N1NHL and Walt WA2VSN and if I've missed anyone I apologize as these are the only ones I know about. Several of them arrived early on Friday and stayed overnight. There was a lot to see and if you couldn't find what you wanted then it hasn't been made yet. For most of us it also gave us a chance to meet people from other areas and exchange ideas. And to say hello to others who we only get the opportunity to get to see twice a year. Also to put a face to the call sign that we know them by. I stopped at the ARRL booth to talk with Al Shuman SM for NH about the coming field day exercise. He informed me that dignitaries from the state government would be visiting the sites to get an idea of what emergency communications can do. He wants them to see the system we put together for the Red Cross and how it operates. He needed a model and was impressed with our unit after seeing it last year. Buck Taylor KB1CYK won an analyzer in the drawing for the prizes Saturday afternoon.


   Arnie N1BAC the Emergency Services Director for the local Red Cross Chapter is planning a disaster drill for later on this year. There will be a need for radio operations and this is one way to help support him and the local chapter for the support they have given to the club.


   Bruce WA1YZN informed me that the Heart of New England bicycle group in going to sponsor a race just like the one they had last year in downtown Keene. This to take place on Saturday June 29, one week after field day. He expects that Paul WK1P will again be the coordinator for this event and will get all the details  from him and then let us know how many people they will need.


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