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S-Com Repeater Controller sample Macro programming resource page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I change the "ID" that occurs in CW to a different voice message.
A: You have to program the ID'er and specify what you want it to do, be it speech or CW.
You'll need to "route" the ID to the proper transmitter, and decide if you want the audio "in the clear" or "mixed".

Q: How do I password protect the macros? Anyone can just start pressing keys to access the macros.
A: The easiest way to do passwords is to give each user a macro. This macro actually changes the control op password to the correct control op password. Set up a user timer to set it back after a period of inactivity. That way, no control op macro works, until a user enters his personal password. Then for a specific time limit, the macros will then work. This way, you can lock specific users out by deleting their access macros.

PW = Password
MPW = Master Password

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