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Cheshire County DX ARC

Some of the CCDX members at Hosstraders, Hopkinton NH

As usual, the CCDX group was very well represented at Hosstraders.  Both Friday night and Saturday.  Friday night was a lot of fun, but the strong winds and clear night made it quite cold.  However, IT DID NOT RAIN!, It did snow a little bit in the early hours of Saturday.  Not much, but the point is, it did.  Most of us have done this long enough that we're pretty well prepared.  Electric heaters in cars and electric blankets were great to have.

Chef Dan (KB1EKA) treated some of us to his wonderful grilled hot dogs late friday night, after most of the place closed down and people turned in for the night.

Saturday was beautiful.  Clear blue skies and bright sunshine.  It even warmed up.  There was also a group of High School kids doing a project by launching several balloons carrying radio equipment from the infields.  That was really neat to watch, and see the excitement of the kids as their payloads were carried up and far away.  Apparently, they had a couple failures, but they had many more successes, if you can call loosing one and everything it was carrying in the Atlantic!  You can visit their website at:  CAPSAT 



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Friday, March 18, 2005 03:02 PM