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Cheshire County DX ARC

July 19, 2008

Saturday, July 19.  Start time  "High Noon", or 1200 hours to the military types, or for some of the rest of us, when Mickey's big hand and little hand both point straight up.
The starting location to be at the Dillant-Hopkins Airport parking lot, or for some of us the Keene Airport, on Airport Road off NH Route 32 in North Swanzey.


CCDX Fox Hunt Rules

Fox Hunting by amateur radio operators has been going on for quite some time. Fox Hunting on a regular basis is a way for us to become and remain proficient in Radio Direction Finding (RDF) which can be used to help find lost individuals, aircraft crashes, malicious interference, etc. Take this time to learn some of the best ways to accomplish this task and have some fun doing it.

1.      All appropriate means will be used to announce scheduling of the “hunt”, such as traffic nets, e-mail lists, web page notification, etc. The more participating, the more fun all will have!

2.      The Police Department in each town that we might be hunting in should be notified of our activities, if our presence in the hunt area may draw ‘suspicious persons’ calls.

3.      The Fox Coordinator will be informed of the names of all the hunters at the start of the hunt. If any hunter abandons the hunt, they shall notify the Fox on the coordination frequency 146.805- pl 100.0, K1TQY, or designated repeater for the area of the hunt. ___________MHz pl __________

4.      The majority of hunters at the starting point MUST hear the hidden transmitter.

5.      There may be hunter teams, but each team must travel in the same means of conveyance together and will only converse with each other in person, not over a radio. Different teams will not converse or coordinate with each other during the hunt.

6.      Except for difficulties with the hidden transmitter apparatus, reporting of participants to the Fox Coordinator shall begin promptly at the announced start time and place. The hunt shall run until all the hunters are checked in or for a maximum of 2 ˝ hours. At the end of 2 hours, the Fox will attempt to contact any lost hunters on 146.805-, or appropriate repeater frequency, and the Fox frequency, and give them some clues so they can get into the area of the Fox. The Fox Coordinator will not give clues until the announced 2-hour time limit has expired.  At the expiration of the hunting time (2 ˝ hours), the Fox Coordinator and hunters may, at their choice, meet at an agreed upon location to discuss the “thrills of the hunt”. 

7.      During the hunt, the hunters/hunter teams will not communicate with each other or the Fox Coordinator, except as allowed by the rules. However, if a hunter cannot hear the Fox for a reasonable time at the beginning of the hunt, the hunter may call on the hunt coordination frequency for help from the Fox Coordinator. The Fox Coordinator should not tell when the hunters have found the Fox. Let everyone be able to hunt as if they can still find the Fox first.

8.      The hidden transmitter shall be located within Cheshire County and within a 10-mile radius of the starting point which will also be in Cheshire County . The hidden transmitter shall be located on public property or public accessible property. If on private property, it shall be obvious that the general public is allowed to enter, or the Fox shall be easily noticeable from the street. It shall not be more than 500 feet off of a surface that a normal passenger car can be driven. Put some thought into the hiding place to make it a challenge.

9.      The hidden transmitter shall cycle with a minimum of 30 seconds transmission every 5 minutes. The hidden transmitter shall not change antennas, antenna height, frequency, or location during the course of the hunt. Power level shall remain constant. Antenna may not be rotated and polarization shall remain constant. The suggested Fox frequency is 147.540 MHz, the Cheshire County ARES simplex frequency. Announce the Fox frequency at the start if something different.   ____________MHz.

10.  The hidden transmitter and antennas shall not be located within a building, nor shall the hunters be required to pass through a building to get to the Fox. Nor shall the hunters be required to enter or pass through property, which is only accessible, by paying a fee.

11.  The hidden transmitter or antenna should be within 6 feet of ground level and will not be buried below the grade of the earth. The hidden transmitter shall not be hidden in a location that constitutes a hazard to the hunters. Keep out of poison ivy. Consideration should be given to the general safety of the immediate area.

12.  The Fox Coordinator is responsible for the selection of the hidden transmitter location (within Cheshire County ) and the operation of the site. The site should be at a reasonable location and distance from the starting point to allow all participating stations the opportunity to complete the hunt.

13.  The Fox Coordinator shall keep an accurate account of the starting time of the hunt, and the time and placement each hunter comes in. The Fox Coordinator shall also record the mileage of each hunter (If a mileage type hunt, there must be some means developed before the hunt to address the difference in odometer accuracy on vehicles.).

14.  To constitute a find of the Fox, the hunter must remove a numbered tag from either the hidden transmitter, its antenna system, or other item nearby, and report in person to the Fox Coordinator. Each Fox will have tags; take the lowest numbered tag. The hunter's elapsed time will include time taken to report.

15.  The winner of the hunt will get first choice to place the Fox at the next hunt.

16.  The Fox Coordinator MUST announce any changes from these rules, at the start time.

17.  All Fox Hunting individuals/teams will abide by all appropriate rules of the road and be safe in all aspects of the hunt. Penalties for improper behavior are at the discretion of the Fox Coordinator.

Contact Arnie - N1BAC for details!




These rules were developed and updated on March 16, 2006 by Arnie Johnson, N1BAC. A copy of the most up-to-date rules can also be found on as well as the date and location of the next “hunt”. The web page coordinator is Joel Huntley, WA1ZYX.



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