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Hi,  My name is Joel, and I have been an Amateur Radio Operator since 1976.  I hold an Extra Class license.

This little fella next to me is Mr Austin and the picture was taken after working on the CCDX APRS system.

I have been involved with active Law Enforcement for very close to 20 years now and still love it!

I also was a full time TV Broadcast Engineer for quite a while and  repair TV Transmitters.

Hobbies include: My three UHF repeaters that I have scattered around NH - for more info on these, please see my Home Page.  I also have a ton of Packet stuff.  

I currently am the WebMaster for the CCDX ARC Web Site and enjoy writing Web Pages.  Oh, and I really ought to mention that I really enjoy my Wife - KA1QFA - and life with the two boys.

This is one of my Amateur Radio accomplishments that I am most proud of!  My CSCE for Element 1C - the 20 WPM Code Test!  WOW - Never thought I'd ever pass this one!  See what you can accomplish when you really "want" something?

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